Americans Living in Israel

If you are one of the approximately 200,000 American citizens living in Israel, then you likely still have connections to the United States: family, property, bank accounts, pension accounts, business interests.
Ian Chesir-Teran, Esq. is available to help address your American legal needs from here in Israel.
Americans in IsraelServices for American clients living in Israel include:
  • Drafting and negotiating American business contracts and corporate documents
  • Drafting terms of use agreements and privacy policies for American websites
  • Commercial disputes and lawsuits in America (breach of contract / fraud / business torts)
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (mediations / arbitrations)
  • Stockbroker fraud / securities fraud claims in America
  • Professional malpractice claims in America (attorneys, accountants, insurance brokers)
  • Inheritance disputes with relatives in America

With more than 20 years of experience, Ian Chesir-Teran, Esq. can help ensure that you are not taken advantage of in America simply because you live in Israel.

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